Am I Asexual or is it Low Libido?

How to tell the difference between asexuality and low sex drive.

Shannon Burton, SXI (they/she)
5 min readJul 31, 2023

One question I sometimes get when meeting clients with low (or no) interest in sex is: “Am I asexual?”

My answer? Maybe!

But also…maybe not.

Asexuality and low libido can look and feel alike. However, there are some key differences between them.

Let’s explore the differences between being asexual and having a low sex drive, starting with some definitions.

What is asexuality?

Being asexual, or ace, seems simple on the surface.

A quick internet search defines asexual as:

“experiencing no sexual feelings or desires; not feeling sexual attraction to anyone.”

However, this is a very limited definition of asexuality.

To truly understand what being asexual means, it’s helpful to think of it as a spectrum.



Shannon Burton, SXI (they/she)

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