Erotic Creativity: The Secret to Lifelong Relationship Passion

4 steps to a deeper, more sensually inspired connection.

Shannon Burton, SXI (they/she)


There’s no shortage of advice on how to “keep things fresh” in the bedroom.

We’ve all been there: Scrolling through articles, podcasts, and apps in search of the next new thing to reignite our passion. Sometimes, it feels less like a sexual adventure and more like a job.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Effortless, everlasting passion doesn’t come from external sources. It’s lying in wait within you. Explosive sexual excitement is there, right now, just waiting to be unlocked.

Ready to unlock it?

I thought so.

Read on for four steps to:

  • activating your sensuality
  • tapping into erotic creativity, and
  • deepening your relationship intimacy

Get ready for some of the hottest, most connected sex you’ll ever have.

Step 1: Rethink the Search for Excitement

In our hyperconnected world, we’re often bombarded with external sources of sexual influence.

Steamy romance novels and tantalizing Instagram accounts are fun, but these types of sexual stimuli can create unrealistic expectations for our own intimate lives.

The first step toward rediscovering your authentic source of passion is to redirect your focus inward.

Put attention and energy into the genuine personal interests and desires that reside within you. This way, you can cultivate experiences that resonate with your true sensual self.



Shannon Burton, SXI (they/she)

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