How to Come Up With New Ideas for the Bedroom

Your relationship is one-of-a-kind; your sex should be, too.

Shannon Burton, SXI (they/she)


You and your partner know each other’s bodies inside and out: every contour and curve, every turn-on and pleasure point.

You’ve also explored every one of the new sexy ideas you’ve encountered over the years.

Your sex life is great, and you want to keep it fresh and exciting. The key is tapping into inspiration that’s as unique as your relationship.

When dreaming up new ideas to spice up your sex life, a little guided brainstorming goes a long way.

Here are some strategies you can use to generate enticing ideas tailored to you and your partner’s deepest fantasies.

Start With The Obvious: Your Steamiest Memories

Set some time aside to let your mind wander. Think back to the nights of passion that still make your heart race.

Don’t just remember them; immerse yourself in those memories completely.

Recall every sight, sound, scent, sensation, and flavor that made them so deliciously torrid. Feel your lover’s murmured words of desire against your ear. See the candlelight dancing on their skin. Inhale the faint scent of perfume and pleasure mingled with the sheets.

What positions left you dizzy with euphoria?

What daring games and fresh explorations pushed you both into new realms of bliss?



Shannon Burton, SXI (they/she)

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