Science Vs Sex Drive: The Dirrrrrrty Science

My take on the libido-increasing episode, plus a sensual quiz for you.💕


I’ve spent the last few months working on my biggest project to date, and it’s all about how to increase women’s sex drive.

You can imagine my glee this morning when I woke up to Science Vs’ latest podcast episode, Sex Drive: The Dirrrrrrty Science.

(I’m a huge fan of Science Vs, by the way. Shocking, I know.)

It tickles me to know that show host Wendy Zukerman and I have been researching the same topic at the same time. More importantly, however, I had a burning question:

Do our findings match up?

Let’s find out.

How to Increase Sex Drive, According to Science Vs

Any conversation about sex drive, it seems, has to start with hormones.

Boost Testosterone…to Normal Levels

Search for libido enhancers, and you’ll find beaucoup supplements, therapies, and topical treatments designed to increase testosterone.

Typical levels of testosterone are associated with sexual function. This is especially true for cisgender men and may be true for some cis women and transgender folks.

As Wendy and the team found, however, increasing testosterone only helps people with lower-than-average levels of it. This is why it’s called hormone replacement therapy, not hormone overload therapy.

There’s also the issue of whether the treatment you use actually restores your levels. While many herbal supplements and topical ointment brands claim to boost testosterone, researchers have yet to find one that actually does.

Conclusion: For people with typical testosterone levels, adding more of the hormone has no impact on sexual desire.

Other Hormones



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