The Secret of High-Libido Women: Sensual Activation

How to increase libido naturally and safely.


According to the authors of one study, sexual desire “may be the single most common sexual event in human life.”

It doesn’t always feel that way-especially for the one in four women who experience low libido before menopause.

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What constitutes “low” libido, of course, is relative. When partners similarly crave sex, whether every day or every decade, there’s no need to discuss sex drive.

People of all genders can find themselves with partners who desire more sex. However, research shows it happens to women more often.
Women are also more likely to agree to sex even when their libido is low or absent. This can create a cycle where tolerated sex keeps desire suppressed.

On the other end of the spectrum, one in four women has a higher sex drive than the average man.

How do they do it? Can the rest of us increase libido naturally and safely, without medical treatments or underground remedies?

Absolutely! In fact, I help women do it all the time.

In this post, I’ll:

  • go over current options for increasing sex drive in women
  • share my sensual activation method to increase libido naturally
  • explain how you can safely increase your sex drive starting right now

Increasing Sex Drive in Women

There are medical, psychotherapeutic, and natural treatments for women looking…



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